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Mental health solutions for organizations
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iSTRONG Consulting Service

At iSTRONG, we are at the forefront of corporate mental health solutions in Thailand and Southeast Asia. We understand that in the dynamic world of business, employee well-being  is paramount for sustaining organizational mental health and productivity. Our comprehensive mental health programs are designed to empower businesses to nurture a resilient, engaged, and mentally healthy workforce.

Why Your Organization Should Prioritize Mental Health

Investing in employee mental health is not merely a gesture of goodwill; it's a strategic imperative with far-reaching benefits:

  • Boosted Productivity: A mentally healthy workforce is synonymous with higher levels of concentration, creativity, and efficiency, driving your organization's success.

  • Reduced Absenteeism: Proactive mental health initiatives significantly lower absenteeism, saving substantial costs by maintaining continuous operational productivity.

  • Enhanced Talent Retention: Cultivating a supportive environment for mental health elevates employee satisfaction and loyalty, reducing the high costs associated with staff turnover.

  • Positive Work Culture: Commitment to mental health fosters a positive and inclusive workplace culture, enhancing team collaboration and job satisfaction.

  • Compliance and Risk Management: Addressing mental health proactively ensures compliance with health and safety standards, minimizing legal and reputational risks.

How we can help your people

We strive to help our clients maintain or return to mental health wellness.

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Our core mission is to design solutions that not only enhance but also cultivate the mental well-being of individuals. We aim to foster happiness and resilience, enabling people to thrive amidst challenging environments and maintain robust mental health.

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We are dedicated to assisting individuals facing stress, distress, and various life challenges by providing timely and accurate guidance from specialized experts. Our preventive approach aims to intervene before the onset of mental health conditions, safeguarding the well-being of your workforce.

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Our services extend to therapeutic support and rehabilitation for those grappling with mental health issues or seeking psychological counseling. We are committed to healing and restoring the mental health of individuals, ensuring they return to their personal and professional lives with renewed strength and clarity.

"Embrace a new paradigm of workplace wellness with iSTRONG, where investing in mental health is recognized as essential for unlocking the full potential of your greatest asset—your people."
What we do
iSTRONG Mental Health Solutions

Create an online & offline support system for your team with specialists in the field. (Employee Assistance Program)


Mental Health Survey

Gather data and insights on your employees' mental well-being to create precise, relevant plans.


Stress & Burnout

Design and provide engaging activities to reduce stress and burnout among your employees.


Mental Well-being Booth

Enhance awareness of mental well-being in your organization through creative and enjoyable booth activities.


Mental Health First-aid for Managers

Develop one critical skill in your managers: being a mental health first-aider for their teams.


HR as a Counselor

Gain insights and provide close support to your employees by equipping HR with counseling skills.


Employee Resilience Training Program

Prepare your team for change, challenges, and pressure by instilling the right mindset and equipping them with the necessary skills.


Mental Well-being Strategy

Design and implement strategic initiatives for mental well-being care in your organization that promise tangible results.


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With our deep expertise spanning Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Clinical Psychology, and Counseling Psychology, we bring a multifaceted approach to addressing the mental health needs within the corporate landscape. Our nuanced understanding of these disciplines enables us to tailor our services to meet the unique needs of your organization comprehensively.


From engaging mental health workshops to holistic employee well-being programs, our objective is to integrate mental health as a foundational element of your company culture. We are committed to not just addressing immediate concerns but fostering an environment where mental well-being is nurtured as a continuous, evolving journey.


Sustainable Results Focus


We prioritize long-term impact, ensuring our mental health solutions foster enduring well-being and resilience within your organization.


Tangible and Practical with Tools


Our solutions come with actionable tools and strategies, designed for immediate application and measurable improvement in workplace mental health.


Multi-disciplinary Solutions


Leveraging expertise across Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Clinical Psychology, and Counseling Psychology, we offer comprehensive, multi-faceted approaches to address a wide range of mental health needs.

Trusted by Leading Organizations

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